Our Story

Why we started Hackpack

Our goal is to help engineers study for programming interviews more efficiently

problem solving

We saw the problem ourselves

Studying for programming interviews can take anywhere from 3 months - 2 years. The process is isolating, inconsistent, and ambiguous.

We wanted to find a way to help

These feelings slow you down. You easily burnout, get overwhelmed, and most of the time give up.


We harnessed the power of community & mentorship

Hackpack was created to combat these feelings so you don’t have those major dips in motivation or spend months diving deep into unnecessary topics. Community is powerful. Community with strong leadership is even more powerful.


We encourage Hackpack members to track their progress to see how far they have come and attack the areas they consistently struggle.


Hackpack mentors are here to guide you in the right direction as efficiently as possible. We are realistic about your personalized timeline and keep your goals in mind.


Encourage others to push themselves and celebrate with us when another person graduates. We are all going through this together.

What we value

Meet the Founder


Daniel is a self taught software engineer who spent over two years studying for programming interviews. As the only person he knew studying, the process was lonely and often isolating when he had to skip out on social events and get up 3 hours before work to get his studying in.

He often felt burnt out and would study consistently for two months before taking a month off.  The process was long and grueling but eventually paid off when Daniel received offers from Facebook & Google.

After a few years, Daniel left Facebook to go through Y Combinator and after a company pivot, Hackpack emerged. His goal was to create an environment where engineers could go through the programming interview process with everything he wished he had when he was studying.