Peer-to-Peer Mock Interviews

The coding interview skills outside of textbooks & leetcode

SOft skills

Why Mock Interviews?

Mock interviews get you used to the social pressure of figuring out a challenging coding problem in front of another human. Get comfortable in the worst case scenario so the real interview is a breeze.


Develop critical soft skills for your Big Tech interviews including explaining your thought process, keeping your interviewer engaged, and building rapport.


Mock interviews can be uncomfortable and awkward. Get the inevitable failures out the of way and enter the real interview confident, calm, and ready.

Getting Stuck

Nothing is worse than the feeling of not knowing what to do next in an interview. Practice asking questions to help clarify the problem instead of freezing up.

How does it work?


Log in

After you log into the Hackpack member portal through discord, there will be a “Mock Interviews” section in the nav bar. Click to request a mock interview. You will be connected with someone via email within 48 hours to schedule a time that works best for you both.

Conducting the Interview

Head over to the discord server and grab one of the “Mock-intervew” voice channels. Feel free to use a separate video call solution if you prefer. The interview will last 1 hour. One person acts as the interviewer and asks the question for 30 min and then you switch. You will be responsible for preparing a question beforehand.



Once the interview is over, you will submit grades for each other through the member portal. If you enjoyed the interview, feel free to connect with this person and set up reoccurring mock interviews! Don’t forget to throw them a ‘Thanks’!

Make Connections

Mock interviews are an opportunity to connect with the community and meet someone who is on the same level as you. It is a change to relate, vent, and discuss how the process has been going.

Unlimited Interviews

We know it takes more than one mock interview to feel comfortable, which is why we offer an unlimited amount.

Grow Together

If you and your interviewer hit it off, setup a recurring calendar event and conduct mock interviews with the same person every week. You will be able to grow together and hold each other accountable to feedback.


Hackpack selects matches based off of skill level and time to interview. This avoids any gender or race bias.

Why Hackpack Mock Interviews?

Hackpack is all about community. We want you to use these mock interviews to not only practice for the technical interview but also connect with others who are studying just as hard as you are.  We connect you with peers who are on your same timeline.

Watch a mock interview examples


What is Hackpack?
Hackpack is a community of engineers studying for interviews.
What information will be shared with my match?
You will sign up for mock interviews through discord. Your email & discord will be shared with your match. Anything additional will be up to your discretion. We encourage connection through our mock interviews. Turn on your camera & get to know this person. ‣
How should I prepare for my mock interview?
Check out this article.
What do I do if my match doesn’t show up?
Let us know as soon as possible. We are looking to avoid no shows at all cost. Email “” with what the situation and we will find you a new match. There will be penalties for the person who didn’t show up.
What do I do if I can’t make my interview?
Let your match know! It is OK If you need to reschedule, but no shows are not ok. There are penalties for no shows.
What goes on during a mock interview?
The interview will be 1 hour long. For the first 30 min you will either interview someone or be interviewed and then it will switch! Prepare to take this mock interview as seriously as a real one.
Where should I be writing code?
A google doc. It is not guaranteed to have autocomplete, syntax highlighting or easy indentation during your real interview. Prepare for the worst and hope for the best.
Can I turn off my camera?
Hackpack is all about the community, so we encourage you to keep your camera on and interact with your interviewer. But if you would like to keep it off that is up to you.
What type of questions should I prepare for?
Leetcode questions based off of your prep level. If you are looking to get a mock on a specific topic, make sure to indicate that to your match in the beginning.