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Hackpack pairs community with expert mentorship. We fight ambiguity, loneliness, and inconsistency to help you study more efficiently.

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How We Help

Loneliness -> Community

Preparing for Big Tech Interviews can take a while. Doing it alone makes it harder to stay motivated and leads to giving up or burning out. A supportive community fights these feelings.

Accountability -> Daily Checkins

When you join Hackpack, you will start posting your study plans to the community. Regular checkins skyrocket your probability of success.

Ambiguity -> FAANG Engineers

You are guaranteed to receive answers to your questions from FAANG engineers within 48 hours. Post your question with your daily update and unblock yourself with expert guidance quickly.

Nerves -> Mock Interviews

Unlimited, hand matched peer-to-peer mock interviews.  Get you used to the social pressure of figuring out a challenging coding problem in front of another human.

Our members have gone to top companies like

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Our Alumni Loved Working With Us

Our alumni are still active in our community, helping members through the process

“Hackpack is a program that prioritizes connection, consistency and accountability. Instead of toiling away alone I became part of a group of people working towards the same goals as me.” Full testimonial here

Image of Jeff
SWE Intern @ Snap

“Hackpack serves as an excellent example of how a community-driven solution works for interview preparation. Checking in daily helped me stay accountable all the way into the final offer!”

Image of Binet
Software Engineer @ Google

"Seeing the daily updates of people in the community aiming at the same goal helped me feel a lot more confident that I was on the right track and also less alone as I continued my studies.”

Image of Dylan
Software Engineer @ Meta


Per month

Discord Community (Skip the Waitlist)
2700 members
Mock Interviews
Monthly public events
Free resources

Join the Discord
Community + Mentorship
per month, billed quarterly

Private community
1-1 Planning session
Daily feedback from Big Tech engineers
Weekly events + problem solving sessions
Hand matched mock interviews

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How we work


Introduction to the Community

Once you join, you will get access to our discord, member portal, and more! First check in for the private community starts the next day.

1-1 FAANG Mentor Call

You'll do a 1-1 with one of our FAANG mentors to create a study plan that is tailored to you. Leave with a roadmap for the next 3-6 months.


Connect & Grow

We encourage you to be as involved as possible. Connect with others, attend group sessions, events, and ask questions. The community is here to support you throughout this journey!


Where is the group hosted?
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The group lives in the discord under a private role. Mock interviews, Teaching sessions, and Office Hours all take place in the voice channels.
What if a friend referred me?
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The Hackpack member that referred you should be sending you a direct link to apply. Contact us through discord if you are having issues.
What happens if I miss daily updates?
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We monitor daily updates to help us see if you are sticking to the study plan you crafted with your mentor. You'll receive pings on discord, and even emails to help you get back into the swing of things if you start to miss days
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